Is MuscleAidTape medicated?

No, MuscleAidTape is non-medicated. It is simply an elastic cotton tape with adhesive.

Is MuscleAidTape made out of latex?

No. MuscleAidTape is latex-free. 

Is MuscleAidTape water-resistant?

Yes. MuscleAidTape can withstand water for days, which means you can wear it in the shower, the pool, or the ocean.

What kind of prepping do I have to do for my skin before applying MuscleAidTape?

As long as you apply MuscleAidTape to clean, dry skin, you are good to go. Keep in mind, this means no lotions, sunblock, hair conditioner, or medicated creams/gels. Wash and pat the skin dry. You can also use alcohol wipes to clean the area before application.

How long can I keep MuscleAidTape on?

MuscleAidTape lasts 3 to 5 days. While it can last longer, we advise to let your skin rest in between applications. Watch for rashes, itching, or redness. If any appear, remove tape immediately. Instead, try wearing the tape for a couple hours a day or when needed.

Why do you recommend rounding the corners/edges of the tape?

This is a little trick to help the tape last longer on your skin. It is meant to help the tape keep from snagging on your clothing or rolling on the edges.

How do I know how to correctly apply MuscleAidTape?

Definitely check out all our tips and precautions along with instructional step-by-step videos on our Videos Page.  Each box of MuscleAidTape also comes with an insert that has some instructions for a few of the more popular applications.