I came across this product when I attended the OC marathon/half marathon convention.  My right knee, left hip were still sore for 2 weeks after my long run and had flare-up of lower back tightness and spasms from previous back injury.  This MuscleAidTape took care of my problem areas and helped me finish my first half-marathon, PAIN-FREE.  I’m a big believer and will be stocking up in the future.

Jill | Los Angeles, CA


I love MuscleAidTape! For years I have had back pain. I have been to physical therapy and taken all sorts of pain medication. MuscleAidTape immediately worked on contact. The pain and tension in my back disappeared. Not to mention my perfect posture when I wear the tape. I use MuscleAidTape once a week and the relief lasts the whole week. This is such a great product that I have referred it to my family and friends. Thanks again.

Amanda Valdez | Montrose, CA


I have had a knee cap tracking problem for a year. Being a competitive I can’t take much time off. I have tried every kinesiology tape on the market and MuscleAidTape is by far the best! It has gotten me through the hardest practices and even championship meets. It stays on great in the water and I have no complaints. This product is amazing. Thank you for helping me reach my goals. They would have been impossible without the help of MuscleAidTape.
Sarah D.


When I injured my hamstring during this past season, I thought that I was going to be out for weeks. However, I was introduced to MuscleAidTape and it worked miracles. I was able to run pain free for the remainder of the season and even made it to nationals. It’s comfortable, durable, and easily applied. MuscleAidTape saved my season and I personally would recommend it to any athlete!

Tristan, Track & Field | Thousand Oaks, CA


After the wear and tear from summer camp, the season started to pile up small injuries on my body. While daily rehab helped muscle soreness, I needed something that would be an aid during practice and games. With MuscleAidTape, my neck, back, ankle, shoulder, and knee were able to sustain more wear. This allowed me to push my body further, the most important aspect of football. Knowing that I could trust my body to hold up made it much easier to play an entire game. Then during the week, I could keep the tape on, shower with it, clean it, and continually get benefits from the muscle support.
W. Connell | Chicago, IL


I incurred a grade 2 muscle strain of the calf muscle (gastrocnemius) from interval sprint training. I was limping due to a sharp pain when walking. The pain would not completely heal for over a two week period. I tried resting, protein diet, and mild stretching. Nothing would make the pain go away. I was skeptical at first, but decided to give MuscleAidTape a try. I placed one long strip down the center from the upper part of the calf muscle near the back of the knee, down past the Soleus just before the Achilles tendon. Then I placed shorter strips on each side of the long strip. I made sure the tape was really stretched. I did not notice anything right away, but that night, I was able to sleep without feeling too much muscle ache. The next day, unbelievably, I was able to walk with much less sharp pain in my calves. Within the next couple of days, the pain began subsiding gradually. After a couple of days, I was able to begin jogging again without any discomfort. I would have never believed that a tape without any medication could make my calf muscle better. I would have never believed this tape would work if I did not feel it work for myself.

Phil | Santa Clarita, CA