• Do not remove in the shower. Remove when dry only.
• Stop use immediately if skin becomes irritated or rash occurs.
• Consult your physician if any rash or irritation does not go away after a day. 
• Do not use on open wounds or cuts.
• A test patch is recommended for those with allergic tendencies.
For those with sensitive skin and those who are not as physically active, apply the tape with little to no stretch.
• These instructions are for educational purposes only.
• This product is not meant to be a substitute for professional treatment.
• Do not use on the abdomen/torso if pregnant. 
• Do not use if diabetic or if suffering from a serious ailment without seeking professional medical advice first. 


• Apply few hours before beginning activities for best results.
• Apply to clean, dry skin free of lotions and creams.
• Stretch the muscle and bend joints prior to applying the tape.
• To remove, pull the tape slowly in the direction of hair and move your finger along underneath to hold the skin down.