I injured my shoulder playing tennis two months ago. I tried to rest it as much as I could and avoided serves and two-handed backhands. Ice packs and Aleve helped it improve slowly, but with setbacks after even casual practices. Three days ago, I set up for a backyard pool party and foolishly lifted folding tables and patio furniture. Later that night and ever since, my shoulder was in extreme pain. Even with Aleve I had difficulty sleeping, unable to find a comfortable position. During the day, I winced each time I lifted my right arm and found myself having to use my left hand more and more for everyday things. Putting on the seatbelt was a tender manuever. Earlier today, a trainer applied MuscleAidTape to my shoulder. There was an immediate sense of support and slightly reduced pain. Over the next several hours, there was a dramatic improvement in pain and comfortable range of motion. What came to mind was that how my shoulder felt today was how I was expecting it to feel in about two days from now. Being a physician (ophthalmologist), I had a healthy dose of skepticism as to the effectiveness of MuscleAidTape. Having experienced a minor miracle first-hand, now I am glad that this simple, effective, and risk-free therapy is available.
David D. Yu, M.D. | Pasadena, CA