I have been a volleyball athlete for 17 years, playing in college and professionally. I have used many different treatment methods for injury recovery, but have never had such immediate recovery than with MuscleAidTape. I injured my shoulder recently with some pulled ligaments. For recovery, I iced, heated, and stretched. The rehabilitation process took roughly 10 days to feel better. I then re-injured the same shoulder and decided to use MuscleAidTape for treatment. I left the tape on for 4 days and went about my normal business. It felt like my ligaments were more stable during that time and that there was an increased flow of blood to the injured area. It only took four days for my shoulder to feel as good as it did after 10 days of the other treatments. I was very happy with the outcome and will use MuscleAidTape from now on.
Allan Vince, Former UCLA & USA Men’s volleyball player | South Pasadena, CA