I was recently introduced to MuscleAidTape by Andrew Kim.  I met him at a swim event in June 2013 and he gave me a few roles of tape to try on my patients and athletes.  I was skeptical because I had used every type of tape on the market and found that they all have their flaws.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that MuscleAidTape is far superior to all the other tapes out there.  It sticks better and lasts longer than comparable tape.  It stays in place longer through sweaty workouts and showers.  MuscleAidTape proved most effective on my Olympic Champion swimmer who is in the water for more than 4 hours a day!  The tape is also gentle on the skin and doesn’t show any signs of irritation after prolonged wear.  I use it to help reduce pain, inhibit or facilitate muscle contractions, and to decrease inflammation.
Tara Pollak, DPT, CSCS of Evolution Physical Therapy | Culver City, CA